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​Solé the only one, one of a kind, unsurpassed and matchless. At Solé we stock a set amount of each design to ensure exclusivity for your special occasion.


Solé will be there throughout your journey. Our shoes will accompany you to your dance classes leading up to your wedding day.


Solé will help you take your first step down the aisle. Be there when you say I do. And let's not forget, help you dance the night away, comfortably of course. 

About Us

From Seed to Shoe

Hi Brides, my name is Andreia and I am the founder of Solé shoes. I have always had a love for shoes.

After walking up and down the aisles of almost every mall in Cape Town searching for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Needless to say without any luck. I thought to myself that  it can't possibly take so much time to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes. A seed in my mind was then planted to close the gap and bring brides their perfect pair of wedding shoes with ease.

Two years later and here we are...

I hope you find as much comfort in my shoes as I do.

Thank you for supporting a start-up.

Yours Solely, Andreia xxx


​"To be the sole choice for brides wedding day."

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